Our Technology

We are building the next generation of recycling technology

to unlock carbon from complex plastic waste streams

and enable a circular economy.

Our technology sets us a part

Our unique proprietary technology, developed in our laboratory at the TUM Venture Lab ChemSPACE at the Technical University of Munich, is distinct from any other chemical recycling process scaled to date (e.g., pyrolysis, gasification, depolymerization, solvent-based recycling).

Feedstock agnostic

We target complex plastic waste streams, typically mixed and contaminated, which are not recycled today.

Energy efficient

We operate a catalytic technology that requires low temperatures and limited energy input.

High-value chemicals

We produce key chemical precursors that are the building blocks of everyday plastic products.

Circular carbon loop

Our technology directly contributes to climate goals by displacing fossil carbon and limiting plastic waste incineration.

Ready to collaborate on recycling complex plastic streams or producing low-emission chemical products? Let’s connect!