Our Team

We are a passionate international team committed to solving the hardest challenges of our generation.

Dr. Andreas Wagner

Co-founder / Co-CEO / CTO

Chemist and tireless energy transition advocate.

Andreas, born and raised in Austria, has been passionate about climate and energy transition since his youth. With a background in electrochemistry, catalysis, and carbon dioxide conversion, he brings in-depth expertise in transitioning the chemical industry. Andreas has supported global industry coalitions like the Energy Transition Commission and Mission Possible Partnership. He holds degrees from the University of Cambridge (PhD), Uppsala University (MSc), and Vienna University of Technology (BSc).

Alexandre Kremer

Co-founder / Co-CEO / COO

Chemical engineer and waste management & plastic expert.

As a French chemical engineer by training, Alex has put his skills towards unlocking a circular economy for plastics. Over the years, he has built cutting edge knowledge on the role of plastic recycling technologies. In 2018, Alex moved to Indonesia to co-led Project STOP, bringing waste services to 300,000 people in remote and rural villages working hand in hand with local governments. Alex holds three MSc including from HEC Paris, The University of British Columbia and CPE Lyon.


We understand the challenges ahead, but most importantly we understand the complex and interlinked technological pathways to solve them.

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